New Website New Logo Offering More.

During the May Day Event for Springdale. Our live feed from Facebook got cut off. I expected this to happen because of the copyrighted music that was playing during this event. I did some searching and found a new place to host this website that offered so much more for myself and the viewers. One major thing was the ability to stream directly to this site without using sites like YouTube or Facebook.

This means Myself or the event holders do not have to worry about getting the plug pulled during the event. And also gives me the ability if the event holder just wants the stream to be seen by only a selected few/invite only event.

We will still over the Live events on Facebook and YouTube but as an added sense of security it will also be broadcasted directly to this webpage also, so in the event of something happening like it did for the May Day event the stream will always be found here.

FYI as of 5-6-21 I am still waiting for my old internet service to release the rights to over to this new site. This means you still got here from the icon from the old site and now have a long web address up in your browser. Once they release the rights over to me you will just be brought here like would would normally when typing

Why the New Logo?

I figured new site new logo :)

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