2021 SHS Graduation

The 2021 Springdale High School graduation moved indoors because of the weather. This turned out to be a challenge. I came in to the school around 10:30 am to set up and to get a good idea how to set it all up. Checked my cell signal to make sure the speeds would be fine for streaming. After I set everything back up I returned later @ 4:30 to complete some last minute items and to get ready for the event. As people were entering for some reason my cell coverage dropped to the point that would have made the stream pause. Then shortly after this the phone was damaged by a parent unintentionally. Luckley someone from the IT dept was at the school and was able to get me onto the staffs wifi. 30 minutes now till show time. I ran a few tests and YouTube and FaceBook both came online then the website stream (YinzLive.com) so I proceeded to check the cameras and to get ready for the event. During the event I was informed the feed was down and some could not view the event. Having been monitoring the youtube feed and facebook I could not understand what was going on. I even contacted several people asking if they were having issues. I later found out it was the website feed that went offline and was getting blocked by the schools internet permissions. For those that do not know when I stream events I feed them out to multiple locations at once and one place is this website. And at the time of the event this feed went offline on Yinzlive I did have a message on the site that the Feeds Can Be Found Here Also with icons /links to the facebook and youtube feeds. But what I did on the fly while the event was taking place jumped online and edited the site to inform those that did not click on the other links that this what they need to do and what has happened.

The Graduation is available for free to download now for free on the site. Two versions one is with the stage cam and the other is without. This event and along with every other event after a few purchases are recorded by 3 devices so it one fails I have other devices recording. Download this and every event under video and then download or simply click here

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