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We started back in 1992 and since then we have seen a ton of children and a ton of volunteers and board members over the years. 

This year has been a real challenge for us because of many issues. One the covid pandemic. This pandemic allowed us to pull other kids from all over to play with us because so many teams and sports were not playing at this time last season. This is the only reason why we played last season.

I would like to explain what we are faced with and how we got to this point.

This season we are faced with we Cannot sign up the same kids that played from different areas, and can only sign up people that are in our area.


In my opinion this should have never been done, we could have taken this season off due to the pandemic. Instead our last President took kids from all over. What this did was take playtime and learning away from our own local children making them upset.

Many mistakes were made from our Prior president. From wasteful spending, micro managing, favoring kids and other coaches and not following our Bylaws. I stood up to all of this and was forced to step away temporarily. This was due to the fact of what bylaws were not being done. As the season went on the other board members were questioning his leadership and instructed him that I would be returning as the publicist. He in return left the organization during mid term.


What this person has done since then was ask for us to sign a piece of paper along with a few of his friends to play for other areas while he wants to coach for our area? Being that we did not agree to do this he and his friends have told others nasty rumors about this organization.


I was asked by the remaining 3 members if I would not only return but return as the President to maybe help this organization that is at its last stand. 

I want everyone to know that I mean what I have been saying that

this year will not be like those years that left a bad taste in your mouth. I know what this organization is about I know why it was formed. 

It is to build these kids up to prepare them for the High School. To have them ready and understand the sport. Understand what a team is, And just have fun. Not make it what it was becoming. 


Right Now we do not have enough kids signed up to play football. Without the numbers we will not be able to play this year. And possibly have this entire organization dissolve. 

Our next League board meeting we will have to let them know if we have the numbers or not (June 23rd) If we do not we will be forced to not play. 

Our organization feeds the high school with players. If you look at the 7/8 High School numbers they are hurting also.


Going to another area to play is doing nothing but hurting your local sports organizations and having one dissolve has a trickling effect on the older teams. 


I am asking everyone to please sign up online today and save this organization and let us show you how great it can be. 


Registration is only $55 so please sign up today. Without numbers we don't have a season. (if we do not reach the numbers needed all money will be refunded)

Click or press here to register online: 







If you would rather register in person please email me @ 

Or Text me @ 412-423-8209